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vertical farming systems for growing crops cost-effectively

vertical farming and its features

Increase greenhouse's quality

Vertical farming is a way to increase the quality level of the controlled environment of a modern commercial greenhouse. By stacking plants vertically on racks, it is possible to increase the yield by more than 10% for an area

Less space and more efficiency

A vertical farm can accommodate 280 hectares of land in a small environment the size of a supermarket, also this small environment can be transferred to any desired location including home, farm and even restaurant

Changing day length and seasons

Vertical farming makes it possible to plant and harvest any desired product throughout the year by manipulating the length of the day and even creating artificial seasons in a completely closed environment.

Brightness settings

The growth of plants in completely closed conditions creates the possibility of artificial lighting by LED lights and different wavelengths. This allows the plant to receive an specific required light in different periods of growth

Rotary irrigation system

In vertical farming, plants are irrigated through a closed loop system, irrigation in this system is controllable and makes it possible to prevent its wastage by more than 50% in addition to optimal use of water

Growing organic products

In vertical farming, there is no need to use pesticides, because the indoor space is already free of insects and pests, and the plants are always grown in a sterile environment and in clean conditions

How our systems work

Remote control system

Remote control application that can be installed on Android and iOS . With this application, it is possible to control the farming from wherever you are


The total price of the entire installation system is much lower compared to imported foreign models, which has made its purchase very affordable due to the high quality of the device

Low energy consumption

The low consumption of electricity and energy is one of the advantages of this system, as well as the high ability to use water optimally and not wasting water are other important features of this system

24hour support

Providing support services including training, technical advice, device warranty, troubleshooting and replacement of equipment, as well as quick access to the support team online and by phone and providing fast support services

Start a business to grow crops year-round with an affordable automated vertical farm

Rad Roiesh Aiande Co

Located in the Tehran University, with the support of technical knowledge and the use of an expert team consisting of faculty members, doctoral students of the university and experts in the field of trade and business, a young, motivated and dynamic group for local innovation. , has brought together the production and availability of vertical cultivation technology. So far, this system has been used for a wide range of products including: 1) leafy and salad products such as French lettuce, rucola, sorrel, Iranian and Italian basil, small spinach and purple spinach 2) medicinal plants such as peppermint and lemon 3) strawberry production , cherry tomatoes and purple tomatoes have been tested and successful

The advantages of vertical farming with our technologies

The growth period is shorter than other types of farming, up to less than 25 days

saving water up to 30 % compared to other types of farming

More plants per square meter of production area

producing products in all seasons of the year

producing the product in any place and spending less energy in the post-harvest stages

reduction in the use of herbicides and pesticides

Start Your Vertical Farm

Installation and operation of the system on a large scale for the producers of agricultural products to increase production per unit area and also to increase the quality of agricultural products in order to increase the exploitation of cultivated products

Installing small systems according to the size of the house to increase the beauty and freshness of the house, as well as the ability to use herbal products for daily use for a variety of foods, desserts or drinks

Installation of store systems with the ability to supply live and fresh herbal products to customers that are free of toxins, pests and harmful chemical residues